First you need to choose the right mounts. This will depend on the size of the objective lens (the front lens) on the scope. Generally scopes with a 32, 40 or 44mm objective lens use medium mounts. Anything with a 50 mm objective lens use high mounts.


To put the mounts on the rifle you’ll want to loosen off the bolts on the base of the mounts, so that they will fit over the scope rail. Then you can loosely tighten the bolts up. Then undo the bolts holding the top straps (top part of the mount) of the mounts into place, so you can put the scope on the mounts. Put the top strap of the mounts, back on the mounts over the scope. Then do the bolts up slightly. So the scope can move in the mounts.


To level the scope up, look at a horizontal straight line (window, door frame, course of bricks) to make sure the cross hairs are level.


To get the correct eye relief, put the gun in your shoulder and move the scope backwards and forwards. Until it’s in the position, where you have no black border in the scope picture.


Once the scope is in the correct position, gently tighten the top strap bolts (not too tight as too crush the scope) and then tighten the bottom bolts hard on the mounts.



  • Tighten top strap bolts in the engineering fashion – diagonal opposites.
  • The bottom bolts should all be on the same side.


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